Selling The Thesis

Sitting in my professional sales/ sales management class, I was staring off at the board thinking about what I was going to do with my life after my four years of undergraduate school is up.  Come May of 2019 I will be pushed out of the TLU nest, and forced to find my way in the real world.  Before this actually takes place however, I need to conquer what TLU calls a Senior Thesis (cue scary music).

Based off of the countless conversations I’ve had with other students, I feel as though there are two different takes on doing a senior thesis.  There are the students who have known what they’ve wanted to do since being in their FREX (freshman experience) class, and there’s the students who have no idea where to begin drawing any kind of significant conclusions about something good enough to present as a thesis.  Especially if it’ll be judged, which it will.

Lucky for me, I’m the student sitting in a senior thesis prep class trying to figure out what kind of meaningful project I can research for the next year to prove that I didn’t just waste $150,000 and four years of my life sitting in different classroom settings for “fun”.

Referring back to my professional selling/sales management class; this is where the root of what I’m thinking my senior thesis will be.

We had just finished our lecture, and the professor began talking about book recommendations if you were interested in sales.  This idea kind of grabbed my attention because I was in desperate need of a direction for my thesis.

Sales people make some of the biggest salaries in the business world, and some of those professionals only need one sale to make their yearly six figure salaries.  Selling is also a large part of everyday life for people.

The selling of ideas, products, or services is the foundation of our economy.  Even just looking at social media, people are selling themselves, or this certain image they want people to believe.

This idea that there are books that will teach you how to “sell” grabbed my interest because of how applicable selling is to more than just the marketing world.

I don’t have a set idea of what exactly I’m looking for, however I have gotten my toes wet a little bit by looking at some selling book reviews online.  A common trend among these books was that people would talk about the “self help” aspect of each one.  Another less significant thing, but slightly coincidental was that they all had practically the same star rating.  Whether a million people reviewed them or 300,000 did, they all had nearly a 4.2 rating.

The last thing I realized from the reviews was that people either loved them or hated them.   There wasn’t really any grey area for liking these books.

Now, none of this really gives me any kind of conclusion drawing yet, however after reading the ones that I’ve chosen, I’m hoping there will be an interesting phenomenon I can analyze and create meaning from for my thesis.

Anyways, that’s all I got.